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Curing From The Beach #9

Often patients wonder why Tijuana?  It’s a question needing attention. The answer is quite simple and why the GersonPlus Cancer Treatment Center exists.

Dr. Gerson's plea went unheeded just as it is ignored today.  Using pharmacological solutions is the norm for conventional therapy. Cancer is big business as the surgeon reassures the patient about cutting out the cancer, starting radiation and chemo therapy.

The words "Chemo Therapy" are a monstrous consideration in the first place. Even though some chemotherapy has a nominal effect as a cancer restraining therapy, it kills the body as well. However, medicine has given into fear as its modality and then issues orders to start "the treatment".  Many hundreds of thousands of people have died from "Chemo" since its inception. 

A side note from my own journey can be added as many or most all have similar stories to tell. I had a dear workmate who had his wife diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. He was confident that the "Doctors" had it right and immediately was compliant with the AMA position of starting a treatment of chemo through the auspicious Rocky Mountain Cancer Treatment Center in Boise, ID. I do not blame the "Tumor Institute" for a tragedy. They were doing what modern medical protocol requires for her type of cancer.

My friend came to work one day and said, "My wife died today, the dirty people at the institute killed her with chemo".

Even though he was distraught, and rightly so, he maintained a blunt observation,

​"​Why isn't there a solution?​"  

Here in America even seventy years after Dr. Gerson first proposed a solution before this nation's congress, we still have no cure available.

The problem remains the same, the AMA and Big Pharma maintain their positions today of cut, poison and radiate. The cure remains at this nations backdoor at Tijuana, Mexico’s, Playas de Tijuana. There exists a healthy alternative that actually works against not just cancer but most or all degenerative diseases. How can that be?!

Dr. Rogers has had a lifetime of treating the incurable in a miracle like manner even though the miracle comes from our maker. He uses what God has made and not what man creates for a solution.  Dr. Rogers uses the natural laws of health given by our Creator as the foundation for his programs of Basic Gerson Therapy, GersonPlus Therapy and Rogers Therapy. He uses only those therapies coming from medical science which have a proven direct impact.

Contact Information
Dan Rogers M.D., N.M.D., Ph.D.



Tel & Fax Toll free 1.866.535.8886

 PMB #485
 710 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #A
 San Ysidro, CA 92173




 Tel:  +1.646.435.2818
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Below are photos from the beach from where you can find answers and a cure residing just at your back door in Playas de Tijuana at the Baja Health and Wellness Center.

When you arrive it seems you are home because you are home at BHWC.

Dr. Rogers surrounds himself with patients and staff for lunch at BHWC in a daily program of eating to heal oneself.

Below: Even at Christmas time there is cheer and celebration at the patient's dining room.

The roof top is for three patients at a time.
 Put yourself on top of BHWC looking out over the beach and the Pacific Ocean!

 One lasting view brings cheer and peace, as if even looking out tells everyone something bigger is happening near the beach.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Living Large On CoQ10 Part II #8

The 2nd part of this story comes from the interim years between heart attacks. Countless Cardio visits at the Doctor's office. Numerous "cath lab" procedures in the heart since 1994, and a frustrated cardio Doctor, who eventually gave up on me and went to Law School, even as I was laying in the hospital in a death spiral. 

Sounds sensational, but all true with records to prove it. He kept expecting me to die all along even after recording clean bypasses each time after the cath procedure. He couldn't figure out why I was doing as well as I was, because conventional medicine said, "I shouldn't be around having my family medical history, from my bypass and heart attacks.

2015 and full steam ahead.

I went to work on June 1, 2011 as usual and having a cold. I took "Aleve Cold and Sinus" around noontime. This was the long lasting type for up to 12 hours "relief". After it had only been a few hours since tacking the Aleve and after taking a mid afternoon walking break at about one o'clock P.M., I returned to my desk and organized the afternoon workload and then...  Nothing... existed until 17 days later when I woke up in a Hospital night mare.
The story unfolds as by the records. The ambulance came to my work. A co-worker who had just completed an "advance CPR training" gave me multiple shocks, and adrenaline in my office cube, as I lay sprawled on the floor. My place of work had all the equipment for this type of problem. The emergency team arrived and continued with me going to St. Luke's Hospital only five blocks away. They continued working on me feverishly for another two hours, longer than the normal time administered for a flat liner. 

However, they pronounced me dead at about 4 P.M. per Hospital report. The emergency team stopped working and were disconnecting the electrodes from me and stopped on the last few remaining electrodes when taking a break after being exhausted. 

During this time my wife came to my side as to say farewell. My co-workers came to the hospital with my two sons in the waiting area. My oldest son came from the emergency to the waiting room to tell everyone I was pronounced dead!

God had a miracle, he wasn't finished with me yet. Once my spouse grabbed my foot to see if I had my socks on in some kind of reflexive action of love, a beep came from the heart monitor. There was one emergency room Nurse cleaning up and she hit the alarm for the team to come back.

There was an erratic and slight heartbeat. Linda, my wife, stepped back and let go of my foot. The nurse yelled out, ”don't let go you have the miracle touch”, as the monitor flat lined again. The nurse again said, "Grab his feet you have the touch, and we can work with that”.

So Linda grabbed my feet once again and the bleep returned as it sent faint pulses from the electrode secured to my chest and then to the monitors. I had been declared dead for about eleven minutes when all this occurred. A miracle happened by God's grace. The nurse who was a seasoned ER caregiver, made the statement to everyone in the room, "Only once has this happened, where I was present and that was 22 years ago". A miracle did happen when Linda touched my feet, but it came from our creator.

God created the heavens and the earth. He created man in his own image. He gave man a way to overcome the diseases that plagues mankind. Only, if Doctors would stop taking a lead role by solving the degenerative diseases from their own tinkering's as conventional medicine uses poisons such as Chemo Therapy and Radiation and other drugs with harmful side effects. A better way remains, and it’s our creator's way, as science is now only proving.

"COQ10 - This vitamin has shown a strong anti-tumor effect in a breast cancer trial (Copenhagen, Denmark). Principal investigator Karl Folkers reports regression of liver and lung tumors in a current German trial."

CoQ10 continues in my daily regimen. My Cardiologist, during my heart attack in 2011, told my family three times I would be dead. After the third time he walked away from his profession and is now an Attorney at the same hospital where I had my resuscitation and recovery.

·      The first time he told my wife I was dead when I couldn't resuscitate.
·      The second time he told my Family my brain was swelling from the heart trauma and they were going to pack ice around my brain to save what they could and this would once again kill me. Two people died that day in the hospital using the same protocol during heart attacks. I was the third and I would die.
·      The third time, after mitigating the brain swelling, he insisted on doing a "cath" procedure in order to address any heart blockages. But I had an extremely high risk of dying as related by my family.    

All three conditions and procedures were acknowledged, they were considered a fatal exercise in the desperate attempt of saving a brain and a damaged heart patient. He kept telling my family I would die.

I ended the process having anoxic brain injury where they thought I would have a vegetative state of existence after no brain waves were detected during tests. They were wrong, and they didn't know why. I do because living with CoQ10 built up in my system and it had strengthen my organs to withstand the attacks and damage. I can only write today from having a working brain function every day as I remain committed to CoQ10.  

After the third step of having a "cath procedure", he discovered I had a blockage around the smallest of my four-way bypass, which the blockage was brought about with a constriction of the vein from using a decongestant. The same one I had taken for my cold an hour and a half before the heart attack. It triggered the whole event. Read the label on over the counter medications. The Aleve Cold and Sinus Box said, do not take if having a Heart condition or are on BP medications. Consult your Doctor first before using the medication. I didn’t read the box thoroughly and I should have because some medications are fatal under certain conditions.

The last conversation I had with my cardiologist was one of resignation, as he told my family I was his last patient and he was giving up his lucrative medical practice on June 17, 2011. I transferred to another care facility with new doctors, and on June 27, 2011, I went home taking my CoQ10. That was six years ago. When I too was left for dead.

CoQ10 and My Story: Heart Attack Part I #7

Spending some time at both La Gloria Hospital in 1981-1982 and then again at CHIPSA during 1994 on the Playas De Tijuana, I learned much about health, cancer and the heart function. I had a few episodes with my heart starting in 1986 while attending the University of Montana. My brother had just died in Indianapolis in a motel while traveling. He had a massive and deadly heart attack. At the age of 42, he left of three Children and his spouse.

I hit the "books" in San Diego, CA seeking out any information how I may avoid a heart attack. I talked to Dr D.E. Rogers about my condition and my family history. All the males members related to me genetically, succumb to a life ending heart failure. Both my brothers have passed away. Age 42 and age 50.  My Dad pass-away age 52. My Grandfather passed away age 58 who was the longest living family male during the 20th century. I was concerned about my survival!

Dr Rogers had just initiated using CoQ10 in his clinic during this time. I also began taking Cayenne pepper as an adjunct to high blood pressure. I read the book "Left For Dead", where the author reduce his blood pressure and stimulated an improved cardio health after being told he was dying. He applied generous amounts of Cayenne pepper in his diet and this was written about 15 years later from being told he would be dead in a short amount of time.

ChIPSA Hospital is where my Heart Attack started and I didn't know it at the time
I had walked five floors up several times that morning to top left corner window. Playas De Tijuana, MX

However, I was really interested in CoQ10 after taking it for about three weeks, I had remarkable energy levels from an improved heart function. Coming from being tired all the time to being extremely active during the work day. This was in August 1994, just two months before my massive heart attack!

My service work enabled me to cross into Tijuana several times a day. At the CHIPSA hospital were back stairs. My work area was on fifth floor and I always took the stairs. On a certain day, I think it was October 14, 1994. I made a half dozen trips up and down the back stairs. It was an extraordinary busy day at the hospital. I was tired from all the running around so I went back to San Diego early after-noon. I was age 42 like my deceased brother. Going through the border at San Ysidro is an experience and becomes epic as 10,000 cars at any time are gaining entry. The usual wait is a half hour going north. Then it started, cold sweats, anxiousness and a feeling claustrophobic. I was having a heart attack and didn't realize what was happening!

Passing through primary inspection while looking ill, the Customs people asked me if I was alright. All that was muttered, I had the flu or some kind of stomach problem. They knew me by my License plate number that I was someone who was a US citizen, and I got a fast pass across. I drove to the office in Chula Vista where my spouse worked. She took one look at me, and said let's go now! I went to Paradise Valley Hospital (Chula Vista) in a hurry. Upon entry they took my Blood pressure. It was 220/120.

The machine kept reading my blood pressure every five minutes. I had some Cayenne pepper Capsules and took about four capsules my wife had in her purse. I was used to taking 100,000 energy unit capsules (very hot).

Then I watched my Blood pressure drop in about a half hour from 220 down to 140/90. This occurred while staff left me for dead. I had not received any medications from the hospital as they were coming in from time to time to check on my condition. They were astounded at my numbers dropping so fast. I was moved into the next room for heart attack protocol and testing, they determine that I did have a heart attack, as an enzyme level in the blood indicated a big heart attack.

The one week staying at Paradise Valley Hospital allowed my Cardio Doctor Fernandez, a chance to contact one of the finest cardiac surgeons within Southern California. He was world renowned with heart surgery and I drew the "lucky straw" (much praying), as he, Hernandez (Surgeon), performed a four-way bypass 22 years ago during 1994. After the surgery he visited me and said, “You did great but don't expect a long life.

He related, "Typically, patients who have a genetic history of heart disease in the family, can expect a five year duration before having the next bypass surgery."

He also said, "Don’t worry every year heart procedures continue to improve as does the science. You have a good 15 years ahead of you based on the data".

This didn't comfort me, but I kept my courage up and continued with the CoQ10 protocol from Dr. Rogers. A new adjunct therapy from his base of treatment for the worst diseases.

CoQ10 began as a fluke observation in Alaska by military Doctors (read this somewhere). They read that from CoQ10 studies, from both Japan and Germany, the enzyme is one of nature's important building blocks in the human body. It was particularly effective concerning the heart health and dental problems. These were old studies and were slipped under the rug by American Medical Associations as inconclusive and then abandon.

However, the Japanese medical counterparts kept up the research on CoQ10, and found that it should be part of all disease protocols concerning the heart and that remains true today. Patients leaving Japanese hospitals, who have heart related disease, surgery or a heart event, must take CoQ10 indefinitely with Japan's protocol when suffering cardiac risks. At that time CoQ10 was only made in both Japan and Germany in 1994. Now it is found in every market place or big box store.

Obviously, I have a four-way bypass and after year seventeen June 1, 2011, I died with a second big heart attack. The next feature recounts how I lived through the next heart attack after being pronounced dead. Part II is still being lived today.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2, 2016 Is Melanoma Monday Post #6

The CBS Sunday Morning show today has reminded its viewers that tomorrow is "Melanoma Monday"

Stage IV Melanoma Episode 1

The initials assigned to my family member is HM representing the Health Minded people who fear conventional medicine but engages in every means possible within a natural scope for healing cancer. HM in fact worked at the same Hospital in Playas de Tijuana at CHIPSA Hospital. He had the same exposure to alternative cancer medicine as I did, and became very committed to alternative cures for degenerative diseases. In fact I often referred to him as a label reader. Every time I picked up something to eat or drink he took the wrapper label out my hands and read it analyzing how it would kill me if I ate it.

Episode 2 Part A Stage IV Melanoma

This was annoying habit of him, as he became more and more enthusiastic about alternative and natural cures during his time at the Hospital in 1994. I unfortunately succumb to a genetic condition of heart failures. My brothers, father, and grandfather all succumb to heart related diseases and died between the ages of 42-58. I am now the oldest living male member in over a century worth of family men. I have two sons who are conscience of the deadly risk. However, my 63 years of age is truly a remarkable miracle supplemented by GersonPlus information.

Episode 2 Part B Stage IV Melanoma

HM went the way I did, and went home to Montana at a later date than I did, as he was a country person living in a very populated world. He took it to heart, the main thing is the absorption of the Gerson Modalities for conquering degenerative disease. The one thing that was a critical flaw in his thinking was he wanted to do everything his way. When the internet exploded, HM became glued to everything internet as fact, and he began his own journey for seeking everything health via the internet. A worthy effort.

However, not everything is true or accurate found on the Internet. Even as I write today my hope is that you find this helpful, as I no longer rely on everything found on the Internet. At some point you need to rely only on the data and research found and offered on the Internet, but verify! Dr. Rogers has made his life a study on cancer from the focus on nutrition with its natural applications for fighting a myriad of diseases plaguing mankind.

This brings me to Melanoma Monday. I remember HM admonitions for eating anything with certain elements such as preservatives found in almost every off-the-shelf product. He only adjusted his life style by including the many things taught from his youth to be included in his diet. HM loved beef.

It was an integral part of his diet. A tragic family history began to unfold. His brothers began to die of cancer every so many years as he was a sibling of nine brothers and sisters. They loved beef too. Even though this is anecdotal information it points towards a need for further study on genetics and diet related to Cancer. 

Melanoma Cured Naturally

HM for thirty years began his own progress towards his final outcome. He wasn't much older than I was at the time of his death from Melanoma in 2015. Here is how that progressed. 

I went to visit him in 2013 and noticed a change in his demeanor. He had a mole removed from his neck that was analyzed as a Melanoma growth. Then came the lumps on his neck and back. By fall of 2014 HM began his journey seeking a natural remedy keeping his diet intact from childhood. He even modified that diet seeking only organic food. But he forgot his genetic family history where the men in family had a propensity for cancer, as I had found in my own circumstance, I had a propensity for fatal heart condition. The next blog will discuss a first person account on my heart condition and a GersonPlus modality.

The newly diagnosed Melanoma with HM, was kept quiet to the severity. I saw HM in October of 2014 during his sister’s funeral in Boise, ID. She died of stroke, was a smoker and heavy drinker. This became a deadly mixture for her. HM had visible bumps silhouetting through his shirt. He was strangely quiet with everyone at the funeral. It may have been his loss, but it seemed deeper than that at the time. 

HM was fast tracking towards his final day. He contacted a Naturopathic practitioner in Alaska via the internet. HM bought a salve and a regime from this practitioner for the treatment of his cancer. His problem came, though never being examined nor analyzed, he accepted a medically unknown salve therapy (poultice substance) for a deadly disease, which allows everything to rapidly spread. I know HM wasn't thinking lucidly when taking on a protocol from someone who didn't understand cancer only from a passing interest's point of view on the subject.

The next 90 days from October 2014 all things went downhill for HM. By January 2015, HM died from Melanoma spreading into his brain and throughout the body, as his bumps indicating this spread. It was a sad day personally for me, for a man who knew so much, but gave into his own cultural conditions and wants. The lesson learned from Melanoma Monday, is forsake your own behaviors and opinions and embrace what has been studied, analyzed, and practiced with immense success, because it fits like a key in its lock when understanding the causal sources of degenerative diseases and the appropriate therapy eliminating those causal sources.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Bahama Islands Isn't A Paradise When Having Pancreatic Cancer #5

My next patient, TB, I met at the Hospital during my daily visits. A most interesting man as he came from an Island cay in the Bahamas. He owned a Marina and boat repair facility servicing the surrounding Islands much like a land based car dealership. The Island had a small population but he wasn't far from the important Bahamian Island New Providence, with Nassau as its capital.

TB was a matter of fact and likable person as he was often recounting some boat adventure from his home marina. Then he leveled with me. He had pancreatic cancer and the Baja hospital was his last resort and not the "one" he came from at-all! He was in his later fifties with plenty of life remaining.

TB Came from a place similar to this cay 
Image result for bahamas

What is and was remarkable with TB's cancer prognosis as he related, only less than 5% make it alive after six months having a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. This difficult type of percentage became a common element when entering into the therapy. Many arrived on stretchers, wheelchairs. or by special medical conveyance, such as an ambulance. All were dying from the ravages of cancer. A full disclosure tells the real story. Not everyone makes a recovery. Some die, and that's a sad fact. Their bodies could not compete with the advanced stages of cancer no matter if the Gerson treatment started to take hold. Time ran out while the therapy didn't catch up with the diseases' progress.

However, Dr. Rogers has compiled a remarkable data bank for success. When a survivor rate study was concluded by conventional medicine practitioners, a result for the most severe and unstable cancers remained under 5%. The GersonPlus therapy increased that class of cancer result upwards to 39%. Melanoma, one of cancers most awful diagnosis for anyone, makes a GersonPlus patient have more than chance with full recovery using Dr. Roger's therapy. It climbed upwards into the high percentages above 80% for Melanoma success. I will have to correspond and find an actual percentage, but I've heard it has gone way "North" of 80%.

The path to GersonPlus is followed by these Hospital progressions. I was only with the Hospitals during the dates included in the first two locations listed. The Baja Health and Wellness Center is the most recent time I have come into contact with the GersonPlus or Dr. Roger's Therapy, even though the Center began prior to 2016.

·      Jardines de la Mesa (La Gloria 1981-1982)   
·      Hospital de Baja California ( CHIPSA 1994...)
·      Baja Health and Wellness Center (2016)      

However, TB came to the Hospital in Tijuana much like the many, where all were facing death. As I write this journal, even I currently face an outcome similar as the many who survived with the Gerson Therapy, which has since made a transition to the GersonPlus modality from decades of best cancer practices. I have diabetes and heart disease. I take CoQ10 since 1994. This is another story for another Blog. 

Dr. Rogers who gave medical attention to TB told me the statistics for pancreatic cancer was far worse, it is less than 2% survival with pancreatic cancer. TB had a very low chance of survival even with the straight Gerson Therapy. That news was very sad. TB wasn't going to be long at this hospital, I thought.

However, a wonderful thing happened. TB has nothing to lose except his paradise in the Bahamas. So he dug in with the juices and coffee enemas. During this time, adjunct therapy with the Gerson plan began to arrive. Hydrotherapy arrived at the hospital as well as other applications of natural therapy such as use of Laetrile. TB was "an everything on the table kind of person", and the Doctor presented him what had been discovered about vitamin B17 and it affects with Laetrile. Between the two adjunct therapies and Gerson there was a good chance for him based on facts, TB had a chance, and he took it.

The doom and gloom classic pancreatic cancer prognosis began to fade and I was there to watch it. TB turned to a normal flesh tone color. His liver was failing upon arrival as associated side effect from his pancreatic cancer. He was yellow skinned upon arrival and after six months he obtained a normal skin tone as all liver and pancreatic cancer symptoms ceased and affecting his outward appearance as "normal".

TB began a halfway house program. He at once stabilized after 90 days using the Gerson and the adjunct therapies. It was in this period of time, when the GersonPlus began approaching a reality. More modalities would be added going forward into the future. staying within the bounds of natural medicine and not conflicting with the Gerson original principals. TB began to heal from a certain death from his pancreatic cancer condition. His death prognosis came from Florida Hospitals before he came to the Hospital in Mexico. However, TB got the bad news in Florida before coming to the Gerson Therapy Hospital at Jardines de la Mesa (La Gloria) Tijuana, Mx, in 1982. 

Dr Rogers has been using a "Plus" approach since 1978 when he began his practice. It has been about 38 years since it became an understanding with "Plus", as an absolute necessity for applying enhanced treatments, and using everything consistent within the realm of Gerson protocol. 

Having everything consistent with the Gerson Therapy allowed adjunct therapy such as Hydrotherapy, hyperbaric treatment, and various and complex modalities added to the classic Gerson Therapy as crucial.

Before I lose track of recounting TB's story, below a summary of his happy story: 

Because of the early use of additional therapy, and plus the Gerson therapy, TB overcame almost impossible odds of zero chance of surviving his cancer. After one year of Hospital and Halfway house, TB was checked specifically by US practicing physicians for Pancreatic Cancer, and Liver cancers. That result as he told me one day, "I am clear of all cancers and I am now ready to go back to paradise". He went home to the Bahamas in 1982, as a man free of cancer while sipping his tea in his cay. 

PS: bonus links: Naturally Fit As a Fiddle

Free Booklet, GersonPlus-Dr. Roger's Therapy

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J.V. The Mysterious Patient Post 4

One of my most enigmatic patients came from Dallas, Texas. Like all patients his Dallas Doctors said there is nothing more they could do for him. Straight out of a Hollywood script he brought the bells and whistles of being a Big boss, when directing his sphere of influence. My first meeting introduced me to his companions. A blond female companion with big hair, ill-fitting tight clothes and heavy make-up. After which came his business partner who had to come-in and go-out, somewhere always. They all called this patient teasingly, "Jimmy The Greek". I'll initial his case J.V.

I had no idea who he might be, but the clues included a night flight into San Diego Airport on a private plane and then receiving visitors from Brazil. J.V. owned huge and multiple construction conglomerates in Brazil, which built Dams, Roads and the expanding Brazilian infrastructure. He owned five restaurants in Dallas where he let his son run those operations. 

His one problem was his son's appearance on the front page of the Dallas Newspapers troubled him as he was being investigated for fraud and "stuff". I don't know how it worked out later for J.V. and his son, since I went back to school in Montana and before his therapy had completed at the hospital. He showed me the headlines and remarked, That “I” should run those businesses as his son was a flop." That is when I realized these patients I worked with weren't kidding about their lives.

Like many people regardless of background they can suffer cancer. J.V. had a failing liver from the cancer. He brought a briefcase full of funds for his care. I had to administer his hospital account for his stay and viewed his progress until I went home to Montana.

Another remarkable case, as he had no bias for the therapy one way or another. His Dallas doctors told him it was hopeless for him with conventional medicine. His associated business people were tasked with finding the best available cure money could buy. He ended his search with the Gerson Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico where I met J.V. along with his associates. A remarkable thing happened during my brief encounter with J.V.

He reversed the symptoms of liver cancer during his five week stay.

One thing that impressed me was his devotion to the therapy. He followed the Gerson regimen without a complaint and began a journey for a remission of the cancer. The straight and narrow path of nutritional medicine changes your life as a whole being.

I never followed up on J.V. when I left the hospital service for which I had only stayed for only a year and a half. J.V. was my last patient before heading back north for school. The lesson I learned with him is it doesn't matter who you are in life "we" are all equal within the scope of cancer and by addressing the situation with proven natural techniques and modalities, any patient has the advantage over using the conventional modalities for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

MC From DC A Profile In Courage Post 3

If you haven't read post 2 this is a continuation of said post about a patient I acquainted myself with during 1982.The referring name is “MC” age about 80 and female. Her life could be a best seller from her exploits during her life. Married to an emissary to France from the US. She resided in Washington DC after her husband died. An aficionado of Victorian and Historic homes in D.C. she became a local who's who, only the D.C. insiders knew about. She came to La Gloria as a cancer patient with little hope for survival. An odd thing happen while at the hospital, being with age she had no hope of survival as cancer had advanced across her face and into her nose. The one side of her nose was half gone when I met her during my duties assisting patients with their business needs.

"MC" had Dr Rogers in 1982 making her health restored.

MC could have been the unsinkable Molly Brown from the Titanic story and movie. She would not give up. MC ate her organic foods, drank thirteen juices a day with eight of them pure carrot juice and then took-in her "coffee" like a hero. Her "one week only living prognosis" turned into a yearlong recovery. She had the means to do so from the staff at the Hospital to hold her up to rigors of the "Straight Gerson Therapy". 

I have no doubt she has since passed on as that was thirty-three years ago. However, her inspiration to me for her therapy demonstrated this was the legitimate deal for any cancer patient. I wasn't supposed to meet her as it was deemed she had only weeks to survive her cancer from her prior year’s prognosis. 

I met her with a partial nose opening on her right nostril, but it was all healed up and looked only slightly damaged. She had only several red splotches on her face skin. Those same red splotches were oozing wounds just a few months back before I arrived and now they were almost healed.

MC was the real deal, she owned almost 7,000 acres of Southern California land where she wanted it to produce a crop worthy of the climate. Before I went home for completing my schooling, she taught me how faith and courage worked together when battling cancer. Her faith in the logical use of organic foods and juices and pushing out extractions of toxins and cancerous cells via the "Coffee" pipeline made her whole again. This is a tribute to her will and clear vision for curing cancer. After I left the Hospital she continued on and made her life a complete one, while not being cut short by cancer.

A second person of note was also a true Hero. He came from 5th Avenue NY and was the foremost craftsman for renaissance furniture in the world. I'll refer to him as AB. He came from Poland via Auschwitz internment camp in Germany. His doctor in the internment Camp went by the name Josef Mengele. This infamous doctor experimented on people. AB was chosen to be an experiment. Mengele wanted to know if a person could survive having his leg cut -off without deadening. AB was a success, he lived, but now only had one leg. Back on that day when I had met him his one leg was a question from me, I thought cancer had taken it. 

I was so wrong and embarrassed when he showed me his German number tattooed on his forearm. That tattoo was his internment serial number put there by a crude needle and ink by German staff members in the infirmary of the 1940's. Forty some years later I was talking to him while he was in his late sixties. He invited me to his Fifth Avenue New York apartment. He now owned three apartment buildings along Fifth Ave and he restored priceless furniture. 

An example, he gave me a recounting of his New York Business project with Leona Helmsley, a very rich magnate who owned much real estate (The Queen Of Mean). She was always in the news during the 1980's especially when he contracted with her to restore some Fifteenth century renaissance furniture. I digress because he was such a special person at the Hospital with a magnificent story as well. Leona demanded he fix the furniture a certain way. 

He said, "Okay then you do it. I am going back to my shop to do other work."  

Leona said, "I am paying you a half a million to do it my way". 

AB said again, "I am the only one in the world who has old world skills of that of a Master, and only I can fix your furniture." 

Then Leona gave in and said, "Just fix it, make it 15th century new". That was his last job with Leona before coming to the hospital but he made it 15th century new.

His stay was the usual Gerson Therapy for his internal cancers in the stomach area. He stayed six weeks and went home to New York much better than he arrived to the Hospital. AB lined up his staff of people to administer the Gerson therapy at home. The last I heard from him is when I was going to school at the University of Montana. He called me at home and told me he was doing great and wanted to know when I could go to New York City and see him. He had an apartment open on Fifth Ave for my visit. I couldn't because of family and school, but I learned once again there is a cure for cancer.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spending Time With The Terminally... Post 2

My time spent in a Baja California Hospital Service has brought forward a story of hope and victory for its patients undergoing degenerative diseases, mainly cancer. Cancer is ugly and destructive. It offers no remorse nor apology it just destroys hope itself.  The people I met, who undertook the "Gerson" cancer cures were pioneers of medicines during my time at the Baja Hospital in Tijuana. While it was ensconced on a western front towards its beaches it became an oasis for the cure.  I commuted to Hospital La Gloria from San Diego and its halfway house located on the Playas de Tijuana. Many people came and some died, but one common observation was all patients were forsaken by modern medicine.

This is one story about those who came and put their trust and faith in what natural processes could beat cancer. My job was as a facilitator for patient's insurances and coordinating their adjunct US medical needs. The hospital functions remained for the staff and doctors who fearlessly administered against the battle of cancer. 

When listing the names of the patients, out of respect for their privacy, I will not use their names only pseudo names.  It would be wrong to mention names so many decades later, but a complete medical record should still remain as the "Doctors" were tracking each patient's progress during the time of their care. One such Doctor remains practicing with what he learned almost 35 years later. What Dr. Rogers Gerson Plus has learned since using and obtaining a vast knowledge for natural therapy, even for the most severe cancers, has led him to the pinnacle for winning over the incurable cases.

Dr. D.E. Rogers Interview

Further study and documentation goes on today in Mexico, by the very same Doctor I served back in 1980-1982, and then again during 1994 for a brief period. The Doctor is Dan E. Rogers who today has established an enhanced treatment for those same diseases I witnessed so long ago. 

My story is about that time from three decades ago, as now I have gained again a peek into the "Gerson Plus" story or also known as "Rogers Therapy". Sharing the past enlightens the present as so much has occurred for refining the medical art of curing cancer.

I have a list of my most memorable patients and will use fictional names or initials for telling their story via my own account concerning their cases, as far as memory allows.

1. M.C (Washington DC)
2. J.V. (Dallas Texas/Brazil)
3. T. B. (Bahamas)
4. K.B. (Major League Baseball Hall of Famer)
5. S.T. (Californian companion with her affected mother)

The first story from the Hospital will be about M.C... A lady in her later seventies (possible 80) and a spark who had no visible fear. She came from service in France as a US Diplomat's wife after WWII (1950's), and had a severe form of skin cancer eating away her nose and face. She came with a medical prognosis she would not live out a month as she was in a severe decline from the rapidly spreading cancer. I met her at the end of one year's of treatment. The story will be concluded on the next episode in Post 3.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Curing The Incurable Vol I Post 1

Find news and answers to your health needs at this website.

In the future we at "Curing the Incurable" will seek a formal link under the same title, and it will also be noted as "Roger's Therapy", named for the notable Dr. D. E. Rogers who has researched and implemented his therapy’s during the last four decades which centers on using only the most powerful solution given to mankind, God's natural medicine. 

The purpose of this blog is to inform and provide medical solutions for life's most complex health issues such as Cancer, Diabetes, and Multiple Sclerosis only naming a few serious examples. Heart disease is exemplary of how well this medical approach is successful. Even though not all people respond alike, but all people do respond well according to their own natural response. The Roger's Therapy allows the incurable to be cured while conventional medicine fails under the modern care of its practitioners. 

The American Cancer Society, a well-known and respected institution has admitted this much in its own Journals. 

Conventional cancer medicine encourages the reoccurrence in the form of a Second Cancer!

For More Information:

"For every 1,000 people undergoing a cardiac CT scan, the radiation adds one extra case of cancer to the 420 that would normally occur," according to The New York Times.

Dr Rogers has specifically educated himself for this medical specialty and practices his medical acumen being open to the latest information available concerning the natural validation for curing the incurable. Conventional medicine seeks a pharmacology path in all health matters forsaking what God has created for our own well being. The Roger’s Therapy differs where any medicine consistent with natural health is considered and/or prescribed within the therapy according the last seventy years of research relating to this methodology first pioneered By Dr. Max Gerson.

Dr Rogers does not remain anchored with those first discoveries but has enhanced the Gerson methodology when taking in current advances from today’s study of the human body, and its effects from degenerative diseases. Dr Roger’s uses best information which is updated and validated even from the conventional medical world as highlighted above. The American Cancer Society admits it's in a precarious position when using conventional cancer treatments. Because of its omissions, cancer can reoccur as a “Second Cancer”, even while using its own best practices. However, Dr Roger’s Therapy own best practices allows patients to beat the ravages of cancer and degenerative diseases completely.