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The Bahama Islands Isn't A Paradise When Having Pancreatic Cancer #5

My next patient, TB, I met at the Hospital during my daily visits. A most interesting man as he came from an Island cay in the Bahamas. He owned a Marina and boat repair facility servicing the surrounding Islands much like a land based car dealership. The Island had a small population but he wasn't far from the important Bahamian Island New Providence, with Nassau as its capital.

TB was a matter of fact and likable person as he was often recounting some boat adventure from his home marina. Then he leveled with me. He had pancreatic cancer and the Baja hospital was his last resort and not the "one" he came from at-all! He was in his later fifties with plenty of life remaining.

TB Came from a place similar to this cay 
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What is and was remarkable with TB's cancer prognosis as he related, only less than 5% make it alive after six months having a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. This difficult type of percentage became a common element when entering into the therapy. Many arrived on stretchers, wheelchairs. or by special medical conveyance, such as an ambulance. All were dying from the ravages of cancer. A full disclosure tells the real story. Not everyone makes a recovery. Some die, and that's a sad fact. Their bodies could not compete with the advanced stages of cancer no matter if the Gerson treatment started to take hold. Time ran out while the therapy didn't catch up with the diseases' progress.

However, Dr. Rogers has compiled a remarkable data bank for success. When a survivor rate study was concluded by conventional medicine practitioners, a result for the most severe and unstable cancers remained under 5%. The GersonPlus therapy increased that class of cancer result upwards to 39%. Melanoma, one of cancers most awful diagnosis for anyone, makes a GersonPlus patient have more than chance with full recovery using Dr. Roger's therapy. It climbed upwards into the high percentages above 80% for Melanoma success. I will have to correspond and find an actual percentage, but I've heard it has gone way "North" of 80%.

The path to GersonPlus is followed by these Hospital progressions. I was only with the Hospitals during the dates included in the first two locations listed. The Baja Health and Wellness Center is the most recent time I have come into contact with the GersonPlus or Dr. Roger's Therapy, even though the Center began prior to 2016.

·      Jardines de la Mesa (La Gloria 1981-1982)   
·      Hospital de Baja California ( CHIPSA 1994...)
·      Baja Health and Wellness Center (2016)      

However, TB came to the Hospital in Tijuana much like the many, where all were facing death. As I write this journal, even I currently face an outcome similar as the many who survived with the Gerson Therapy, which has since made a transition to the GersonPlus modality from decades of best cancer practices. I have diabetes and heart disease. I take CoQ10 since 1994. This is another story for another Blog. 

Dr. Rogers who gave medical attention to TB told me the statistics for pancreatic cancer was far worse, it is less than 2% survival with pancreatic cancer. TB had a very low chance of survival even with the straight Gerson Therapy. That news was very sad. TB wasn't going to be long at this hospital, I thought.

However, a wonderful thing happened. TB has nothing to lose except his paradise in the Bahamas. So he dug in with the juices and coffee enemas. During this time, adjunct therapy with the Gerson plan began to arrive. Hydrotherapy arrived at the hospital as well as other applications of natural therapy such as use of Laetrile. TB was "an everything on the table kind of person", and the Doctor presented him what had been discovered about vitamin B17 and it affects with Laetrile. Between the two adjunct therapies and Gerson there was a good chance for him based on facts, TB had a chance, and he took it.

The doom and gloom classic pancreatic cancer prognosis began to fade and I was there to watch it. TB turned to a normal flesh tone color. His liver was failing upon arrival as associated side effect from his pancreatic cancer. He was yellow skinned upon arrival and after six months he obtained a normal skin tone as all liver and pancreatic cancer symptoms ceased and affecting his outward appearance as "normal".

TB began a halfway house program. He at once stabilized after 90 days using the Gerson and the adjunct therapies. It was in this period of time, when the GersonPlus began approaching a reality. More modalities would be added going forward into the future. staying within the bounds of natural medicine and not conflicting with the Gerson original principals. TB began to heal from a certain death from his pancreatic cancer condition. His death prognosis came from Florida Hospitals before he came to the Hospital in Mexico. However, TB got the bad news in Florida before coming to the Gerson Therapy Hospital at Jardines de la Mesa (La Gloria) Tijuana, Mx, in 1982. 

Dr Rogers has been using a "Plus" approach since 1978 when he began his practice. It has been about 38 years since it became an understanding with "Plus", as an absolute necessity for applying enhanced treatments, and using everything consistent within the realm of Gerson protocol. 

Having everything consistent with the Gerson Therapy allowed adjunct therapy such as Hydrotherapy, hyperbaric treatment, and various and complex modalities added to the classic Gerson Therapy as crucial.

Before I lose track of recounting TB's story, below a summary of his happy story: 

Because of the early use of additional therapy, and plus the Gerson therapy, TB overcame almost impossible odds of zero chance of surviving his cancer. After one year of Hospital and Halfway house, TB was checked specifically by US practicing physicians for Pancreatic Cancer, and Liver cancers. That result as he told me one day, "I am clear of all cancers and I am now ready to go back to paradise". He went home to the Bahamas in 1982, as a man free of cancer while sipping his tea in his cay. 

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