Thursday, April 28, 2016

J.V. The Mysterious Patient Post 4

One of my most enigmatic patients came from Dallas, Texas. Like all patients his Dallas Doctors said there is nothing more they could do for him. Straight out of a Hollywood script he brought the bells and whistles of being a Big boss, when directing his sphere of influence. My first meeting introduced me to his companions. A blond female companion with big hair, ill-fitting tight clothes and heavy make-up. After which came his business partner who had to come-in and go-out, somewhere always. They all called this patient teasingly, "Jimmy The Greek". I'll initial his case J.V.

I had no idea who he might be, but the clues included a night flight into San Diego Airport on a private plane and then receiving visitors from Brazil. J.V. owned huge and multiple construction conglomerates in Brazil, which built Dams, Roads and the expanding Brazilian infrastructure. He owned five restaurants in Dallas where he let his son run those operations. 

His one problem was his son's appearance on the front page of the Dallas Newspapers troubled him as he was being investigated for fraud and "stuff". I don't know how it worked out later for J.V. and his son, since I went back to school in Montana and before his therapy had completed at the hospital. He showed me the headlines and remarked, That “I” should run those businesses as his son was a flop." That is when I realized these patients I worked with weren't kidding about their lives.

Like many people regardless of background they can suffer cancer. J.V. had a failing liver from the cancer. He brought a briefcase full of funds for his care. I had to administer his hospital account for his stay and viewed his progress until I went home to Montana.

Another remarkable case, as he had no bias for the therapy one way or another. His Dallas doctors told him it was hopeless for him with conventional medicine. His associated business people were tasked with finding the best available cure money could buy. He ended his search with the Gerson Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico where I met J.V. along with his associates. A remarkable thing happened during my brief encounter with J.V.

He reversed the symptoms of liver cancer during his five week stay.

One thing that impressed me was his devotion to the therapy. He followed the Gerson regimen without a complaint and began a journey for a remission of the cancer. The straight and narrow path of nutritional medicine changes your life as a whole being.

I never followed up on J.V. when I left the hospital service for which I had only stayed for only a year and a half. J.V. was my last patient before heading back north for school. The lesson I learned with him is it doesn't matter who you are in life "we" are all equal within the scope of cancer and by addressing the situation with proven natural techniques and modalities, any patient has the advantage over using the conventional modalities for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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