Friday, August 19, 2016

Curing From The Beach #9

Often patients wonder why Tijuana?  It’s a question needing attention. The answer is quite simple and why the GersonPlus Cancer Treatment Center exists.

Dr. Gerson's plea went unheeded just as it is ignored today.  Using pharmacological solutions is the norm for conventional therapy. Cancer is big business as the surgeon reassures the patient about cutting out the cancer, starting radiation and chemo therapy.

The words "Chemo Therapy" are a monstrous consideration in the first place. Even though some chemotherapy has a nominal effect as a cancer restraining therapy, it kills the body as well. However, medicine has given into fear as its modality and then issues orders to start "the treatment".  Many hundreds of thousands of people have died from "Chemo" since its inception. 

A side note from my own journey can be added as many or most all have similar stories to tell. I had a dear workmate who had his wife diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. He was confident that the "Doctors" had it right and immediately was compliant with the AMA position of starting a treatment of chemo through the auspicious Rocky Mountain Cancer Treatment Center in Boise, ID. I do not blame the "Tumor Institute" for a tragedy. They were doing what modern medical protocol requires for her type of cancer.

My friend came to work one day and said, "My wife died today, the dirty people at the institute killed her with chemo".

Even though he was distraught, and rightly so, he maintained a blunt observation,

​"​Why isn't there a solution?​"  

Here in America even seventy years after Dr. Gerson first proposed a solution before this nation's congress, we still have no cure available.

The problem remains the same, the AMA and Big Pharma maintain their positions today of cut, poison and radiate. The cure remains at this nations backdoor at Tijuana, Mexico’s, Playas de Tijuana. There exists a healthy alternative that actually works against not just cancer but most or all degenerative diseases. How can that be?!

Dr. Rogers has had a lifetime of treating the incurable in a miracle like manner even though the miracle comes from our maker. He uses what God has made and not what man creates for a solution.  Dr. Rogers uses the natural laws of health given by our Creator as the foundation for his programs of Basic Gerson Therapy, GersonPlus Therapy and Rogers Therapy. He uses only those therapies coming from medical science which have a proven direct impact.

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Below are photos from the beach from where you can find answers and a cure residing just at your back door in Playas de Tijuana at the Baja Health and Wellness Center.

When you arrive it seems you are home because you are home at BHWC.

Dr. Rogers surrounds himself with patients and staff for lunch at BHWC in a daily program of eating to heal oneself.

Below: Even at Christmas time there is cheer and celebration at the patient's dining room.

The roof top is for three patients at a time.
 Put yourself on top of BHWC looking out over the beach and the Pacific Ocean!

 One lasting view brings cheer and peace, as if even looking out tells everyone something bigger is happening near the beach.