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The Bahama Islands Isn't A Paradise When Having Pancreatic Cancer #5

My next patient, TB, I met at the Hospital during my daily visits. A most interesting man as he came from an Island cay in the Bahamas. He owned a Marina and boat repair facility servicing the surrounding Islands much like a land based car dealership. The Island had a small population but he wasn't far from the important Bahamian Island New Providence, with Nassau as its capital.

TB was a matter of fact and likable person as he was often recounting some boat adventure from his home marina. Then he leveled with me. He had pancreatic cancer and the Baja hospital was his last resort and not the "one" he came from at-all! He was in his later fifties with plenty of life remaining.

TB Came from a place similar to this cay 
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What is and was remarkable with TB's cancer prognosis as he related, only less than 5% make it alive after six months having a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. This difficult type of percentage became a common element when entering into the therapy. Many arrived on stretchers, wheelchairs. or by special medical conveyance, such as an ambulance. All were dying from the ravages of cancer. A full disclosure tells the real story. Not everyone makes a recovery. Some die, and that's a sad fact. Their bodies could not compete with the advanced stages of cancer no matter if the Gerson treatment started to take hold. Time ran out while the therapy didn't catch up with the diseases' progress.

However, Dr. Rogers has compiled a remarkable data bank for success. When a survivor rate study was concluded by conventional medicine practitioners, a result for the most severe and unstable cancers remained under 5%. The GersonPlus therapy increased that class of cancer result upwards to 39%. Melanoma, one of cancers most awful diagnosis for anyone, makes a GersonPlus patient have more than chance with full recovery using Dr. Roger's therapy. It climbed upwards into the high percentages above 80% for Melanoma success. I will have to correspond and find an actual percentage, but I've heard it has gone way "North" of 80%.

The path to GersonPlus is followed by these Hospital progressions. I was only with the Hospitals during the dates included in the first two locations listed. The Baja Health and Wellness Center is the most recent time I have come into contact with the GersonPlus or Dr. Roger's Therapy, even though the Center began prior to 2016.

·      Jardines de la Mesa (La Gloria 1981-1982)   
·      Hospital de Baja California ( CHIPSA 1994...)
·      Baja Health and Wellness Center (2016)      

However, TB came to the Hospital in Tijuana much like the many, where all were facing death. As I write this journal, even I currently face an outcome similar as the many who survived with the Gerson Therapy, which has since made a transition to the GersonPlus modality from decades of best cancer practices. I have diabetes and heart disease. I take CoQ10 since 1994. This is another story for another Blog. 

Dr. Rogers who gave medical attention to TB told me the statistics for pancreatic cancer was far worse, it is less than 2% survival with pancreatic cancer. TB had a very low chance of survival even with the straight Gerson Therapy. That news was very sad. TB wasn't going to be long at this hospital, I thought.

However, a wonderful thing happened. TB has nothing to lose except his paradise in the Bahamas. So he dug in with the juices and coffee enemas. During this time, adjunct therapy with the Gerson plan began to arrive. Hydrotherapy arrived at the hospital as well as other applications of natural therapy such as use of Laetrile. TB was "an everything on the table kind of person", and the Doctor presented him what had been discovered about vitamin B17 and it affects with Laetrile. Between the two adjunct therapies and Gerson there was a good chance for him based on facts, TB had a chance, and he took it.

The doom and gloom classic pancreatic cancer prognosis began to fade and I was there to watch it. TB turned to a normal flesh tone color. His liver was failing upon arrival as associated side effect from his pancreatic cancer. He was yellow skinned upon arrival and after six months he obtained a normal skin tone as all liver and pancreatic cancer symptoms ceased and affecting his outward appearance as "normal".

TB began a halfway house program. He at once stabilized after 90 days using the Gerson and the adjunct therapies. It was in this period of time, when the GersonPlus began approaching a reality. More modalities would be added going forward into the future. staying within the bounds of natural medicine and not conflicting with the Gerson original principals. TB began to heal from a certain death from his pancreatic cancer condition. His death prognosis came from Florida Hospitals before he came to the Hospital in Mexico. However, TB got the bad news in Florida before coming to the Gerson Therapy Hospital at Jardines de la Mesa (La Gloria) Tijuana, Mx, in 1982. 

Dr Rogers has been using a "Plus" approach since 1978 when he began his practice. It has been about 38 years since it became an understanding with "Plus", as an absolute necessity for applying enhanced treatments, and using everything consistent within the realm of Gerson protocol. 

Having everything consistent with the Gerson Therapy allowed adjunct therapy such as Hydrotherapy, hyperbaric treatment, and various and complex modalities added to the classic Gerson Therapy as crucial.

Before I lose track of recounting TB's story, below a summary of his happy story: 

Because of the early use of additional therapy, and plus the Gerson therapy, TB overcame almost impossible odds of zero chance of surviving his cancer. After one year of Hospital and Halfway house, TB was checked specifically by US practicing physicians for Pancreatic Cancer, and Liver cancers. That result as he told me one day, "I am clear of all cancers and I am now ready to go back to paradise". He went home to the Bahamas in 1982, as a man free of cancer while sipping his tea in his cay. 

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Free Booklet, GersonPlus-Dr. Roger's Therapy

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J.V. The Mysterious Patient Post 4

One of my most enigmatic patients came from Dallas, Texas. Like all patients his Dallas Doctors said there is nothing more they could do for him. Straight out of a Hollywood script he brought the bells and whistles of being a Big boss, when directing his sphere of influence. My first meeting introduced me to his companions. A blond female companion with big hair, ill-fitting tight clothes and heavy make-up. After which came his business partner who had to come-in and go-out, somewhere always. They all called this patient teasingly, "Jimmy The Greek". I'll initial his case J.V.

I had no idea who he might be, but the clues included a night flight into San Diego Airport on a private plane and then receiving visitors from Brazil. J.V. owned huge and multiple construction conglomerates in Brazil, which built Dams, Roads and the expanding Brazilian infrastructure. He owned five restaurants in Dallas where he let his son run those operations. 

His one problem was his son's appearance on the front page of the Dallas Newspapers troubled him as he was being investigated for fraud and "stuff". I don't know how it worked out later for J.V. and his son, since I went back to school in Montana and before his therapy had completed at the hospital. He showed me the headlines and remarked, That “I” should run those businesses as his son was a flop." That is when I realized these patients I worked with weren't kidding about their lives.

Like many people regardless of background they can suffer cancer. J.V. had a failing liver from the cancer. He brought a briefcase full of funds for his care. I had to administer his hospital account for his stay and viewed his progress until I went home to Montana.

Another remarkable case, as he had no bias for the therapy one way or another. His Dallas doctors told him it was hopeless for him with conventional medicine. His associated business people were tasked with finding the best available cure money could buy. He ended his search with the Gerson Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico where I met J.V. along with his associates. A remarkable thing happened during my brief encounter with J.V.

He reversed the symptoms of liver cancer during his five week stay.

One thing that impressed me was his devotion to the therapy. He followed the Gerson regimen without a complaint and began a journey for a remission of the cancer. The straight and narrow path of nutritional medicine changes your life as a whole being.

I never followed up on J.V. when I left the hospital service for which I had only stayed for only a year and a half. J.V. was my last patient before heading back north for school. The lesson I learned with him is it doesn't matter who you are in life "we" are all equal within the scope of cancer and by addressing the situation with proven natural techniques and modalities, any patient has the advantage over using the conventional modalities for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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MC From DC A Profile In Courage Post 3

If you haven't read post 2 this is a continuation of said post about a patient I acquainted myself with during 1982.The referring name is “MC” age about 80 and female. Her life could be a best seller from her exploits during her life. Married to an emissary to France from the US. She resided in Washington DC after her husband died. An aficionado of Victorian and Historic homes in D.C. she became a local who's who, only the D.C. insiders knew about. She came to La Gloria as a cancer patient with little hope for survival. An odd thing happen while at the hospital, being with age she had no hope of survival as cancer had advanced across her face and into her nose. The one side of her nose was half gone when I met her during my duties assisting patients with their business needs.

"MC" had Dr Rogers in 1982 making her health restored.

MC could have been the unsinkable Molly Brown from the Titanic story and movie. She would not give up. MC ate her organic foods, drank thirteen juices a day with eight of them pure carrot juice and then took-in her "coffee" like a hero. Her "one week only living prognosis" turned into a yearlong recovery. She had the means to do so from the staff at the Hospital to hold her up to rigors of the "Straight Gerson Therapy". 

I have no doubt she has since passed on as that was thirty-three years ago. However, her inspiration to me for her therapy demonstrated this was the legitimate deal for any cancer patient. I wasn't supposed to meet her as it was deemed she had only weeks to survive her cancer from her prior year’s prognosis. 

I met her with a partial nose opening on her right nostril, but it was all healed up and looked only slightly damaged. She had only several red splotches on her face skin. Those same red splotches were oozing wounds just a few months back before I arrived and now they were almost healed.

MC was the real deal, she owned almost 7,000 acres of Southern California land where she wanted it to produce a crop worthy of the climate. Before I went home for completing my schooling, she taught me how faith and courage worked together when battling cancer. Her faith in the logical use of organic foods and juices and pushing out extractions of toxins and cancerous cells via the "Coffee" pipeline made her whole again. This is a tribute to her will and clear vision for curing cancer. After I left the Hospital she continued on and made her life a complete one, while not being cut short by cancer.

A second person of note was also a true Hero. He came from 5th Avenue NY and was the foremost craftsman for renaissance furniture in the world. I'll refer to him as AB. He came from Poland via Auschwitz internment camp in Germany. His doctor in the internment Camp went by the name Josef Mengele. This infamous doctor experimented on people. AB was chosen to be an experiment. Mengele wanted to know if a person could survive having his leg cut -off without deadening. AB was a success, he lived, but now only had one leg. Back on that day when I had met him his one leg was a question from me, I thought cancer had taken it. 

I was so wrong and embarrassed when he showed me his German number tattooed on his forearm. That tattoo was his internment serial number put there by a crude needle and ink by German staff members in the infirmary of the 1940's. Forty some years later I was talking to him while he was in his late sixties. He invited me to his Fifth Avenue New York apartment. He now owned three apartment buildings along Fifth Ave and he restored priceless furniture. 

An example, he gave me a recounting of his New York Business project with Leona Helmsley, a very rich magnate who owned much real estate (The Queen Of Mean). She was always in the news during the 1980's especially when he contracted with her to restore some Fifteenth century renaissance furniture. I digress because he was such a special person at the Hospital with a magnificent story as well. Leona demanded he fix the furniture a certain way. 

He said, "Okay then you do it. I am going back to my shop to do other work."  

Leona said, "I am paying you a half a million to do it my way". 

AB said again, "I am the only one in the world who has old world skills of that of a Master, and only I can fix your furniture." 

Then Leona gave in and said, "Just fix it, make it 15th century new". That was his last job with Leona before coming to the hospital but he made it 15th century new.

His stay was the usual Gerson Therapy for his internal cancers in the stomach area. He stayed six weeks and went home to New York much better than he arrived to the Hospital. AB lined up his staff of people to administer the Gerson therapy at home. The last I heard from him is when I was going to school at the University of Montana. He called me at home and told me he was doing great and wanted to know when I could go to New York City and see him. He had an apartment open on Fifth Ave for my visit. I couldn't because of family and school, but I learned once again there is a cure for cancer.

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Spending Time With The Terminally... Post 2

My time spent in a Baja California Hospital Service has brought forward a story of hope and victory for its patients undergoing degenerative diseases, mainly cancer. Cancer is ugly and destructive. It offers no remorse nor apology it just destroys hope itself.  The people I met, who undertook the "Gerson" cancer cures were pioneers of medicines during my time at the Baja Hospital in Tijuana. While it was ensconced on a western front towards its beaches it became an oasis for the cure.  I commuted to Hospital La Gloria from San Diego and its halfway house located on the Playas de Tijuana. Many people came and some died, but one common observation was all patients were forsaken by modern medicine.

This is one story about those who came and put their trust and faith in what natural processes could beat cancer. My job was as a facilitator for patient's insurances and coordinating their adjunct US medical needs. The hospital functions remained for the staff and doctors who fearlessly administered against the battle of cancer. 

When listing the names of the patients, out of respect for their privacy, I will not use their names only pseudo names.  It would be wrong to mention names so many decades later, but a complete medical record should still remain as the "Doctors" were tracking each patient's progress during the time of their care. One such Doctor remains practicing with what he learned almost 35 years later. What Dr. Rogers Gerson Plus has learned since using and obtaining a vast knowledge for natural therapy, even for the most severe cancers, has led him to the pinnacle for winning over the incurable cases.

Dr. D.E. Rogers Interview

Further study and documentation goes on today in Mexico, by the very same Doctor I served back in 1980-1982, and then again during 1994 for a brief period. The Doctor is Dan E. Rogers who today has established an enhanced treatment for those same diseases I witnessed so long ago. 

My story is about that time from three decades ago, as now I have gained again a peek into the "Gerson Plus" story or also known as "Rogers Therapy". Sharing the past enlightens the present as so much has occurred for refining the medical art of curing cancer.

I have a list of my most memorable patients and will use fictional names or initials for telling their story via my own account concerning their cases, as far as memory allows.

1. M.C (Washington DC)
2. J.V. (Dallas Texas/Brazil)
3. T. B. (Bahamas)
4. K.B. (Major League Baseball Hall of Famer)
5. S.T. (Californian companion with her affected mother)

The first story from the Hospital will be about M.C... A lady in her later seventies (possible 80) and a spark who had no visible fear. She came from service in France as a US Diplomat's wife after WWII (1950's), and had a severe form of skin cancer eating away her nose and face. She came with a medical prognosis she would not live out a month as she was in a severe decline from the rapidly spreading cancer. I met her at the end of one year's of treatment. The story will be concluded on the next episode in Post 3.

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Curing The Incurable Vol I Post 1

Find news and answers to your health needs at this website.

In the future we at "Curing the Incurable" will seek a formal link under the same title, and it will also be noted as "Roger's Therapy", named for the notable Dr. D. E. Rogers who has researched and implemented his therapy’s during the last four decades which centers on using only the most powerful solution given to mankind, God's natural medicine. 

The purpose of this blog is to inform and provide medical solutions for life's most complex health issues such as Cancer, Diabetes, and Multiple Sclerosis only naming a few serious examples. Heart disease is exemplary of how well this medical approach is successful. Even though not all people respond alike, but all people do respond well according to their own natural response. The Roger's Therapy allows the incurable to be cured while conventional medicine fails under the modern care of its practitioners. 

The American Cancer Society, a well-known and respected institution has admitted this much in its own Journals. 

Conventional cancer medicine encourages the reoccurrence in the form of a Second Cancer!

For More Information:

"For every 1,000 people undergoing a cardiac CT scan, the radiation adds one extra case of cancer to the 420 that would normally occur," according to The New York Times.

Dr Rogers has specifically educated himself for this medical specialty and practices his medical acumen being open to the latest information available concerning the natural validation for curing the incurable. Conventional medicine seeks a pharmacology path in all health matters forsaking what God has created for our own well being. The Roger’s Therapy differs where any medicine consistent with natural health is considered and/or prescribed within the therapy according the last seventy years of research relating to this methodology first pioneered By Dr. Max Gerson.

Dr Rogers does not remain anchored with those first discoveries but has enhanced the Gerson methodology when taking in current advances from today’s study of the human body, and its effects from degenerative diseases. Dr Roger’s uses best information which is updated and validated even from the conventional medical world as highlighted above. The American Cancer Society admits it's in a precarious position when using conventional cancer treatments. Because of its omissions, cancer can reoccur as a “Second Cancer”, even while using its own best practices. However, Dr Roger’s Therapy own best practices allows patients to beat the ravages of cancer and degenerative diseases completely.