Tuesday, April 26, 2016

MC From DC A Profile In Courage Post 3

If you haven't read post 2 this is a continuation of said post about a patient I acquainted myself with during 1982.The referring name is “MC” age about 80 and female. Her life could be a best seller from her exploits during her life. Married to an emissary to France from the US. She resided in Washington DC after her husband died. An aficionado of Victorian and Historic homes in D.C. she became a local who's who, only the D.C. insiders knew about. She came to La Gloria as a cancer patient with little hope for survival. An odd thing happen while at the hospital, being with age she had no hope of survival as cancer had advanced across her face and into her nose. The one side of her nose was half gone when I met her during my duties assisting patients with their business needs.

"MC" had Dr Rogers in 1982 making her health restored.

MC could have been the unsinkable Molly Brown from the Titanic story and movie. She would not give up. MC ate her organic foods, drank thirteen juices a day with eight of them pure carrot juice and then took-in her "coffee" like a hero. Her "one week only living prognosis" turned into a yearlong recovery. She had the means to do so from the staff at the Hospital to hold her up to rigors of the "Straight Gerson Therapy". 

I have no doubt she has since passed on as that was thirty-three years ago. However, her inspiration to me for her therapy demonstrated this was the legitimate deal for any cancer patient. I wasn't supposed to meet her as it was deemed she had only weeks to survive her cancer from her prior year’s prognosis. 

I met her with a partial nose opening on her right nostril, but it was all healed up and looked only slightly damaged. She had only several red splotches on her face skin. Those same red splotches were oozing wounds just a few months back before I arrived and now they were almost healed.

MC was the real deal, she owned almost 7,000 acres of Southern California land where she wanted it to produce a crop worthy of the climate. Before I went home for completing my schooling, she taught me how faith and courage worked together when battling cancer. Her faith in the logical use of organic foods and juices and pushing out extractions of toxins and cancerous cells via the "Coffee" pipeline made her whole again. This is a tribute to her will and clear vision for curing cancer. After I left the Hospital she continued on and made her life a complete one, while not being cut short by cancer.

A second person of note was also a true Hero. He came from 5th Avenue NY and was the foremost craftsman for renaissance furniture in the world. I'll refer to him as AB. He came from Poland via Auschwitz internment camp in Germany. His doctor in the internment Camp went by the name Josef Mengele. This infamous doctor experimented on people. AB was chosen to be an experiment. Mengele wanted to know if a person could survive having his leg cut -off without deadening. AB was a success, he lived, but now only had one leg. Back on that day when I had met him his one leg was a question from me, I thought cancer had taken it. 

I was so wrong and embarrassed when he showed me his German number tattooed on his forearm. That tattoo was his internment serial number put there by a crude needle and ink by German staff members in the infirmary of the 1940's. Forty some years later I was talking to him while he was in his late sixties. He invited me to his Fifth Avenue New York apartment. He now owned three apartment buildings along Fifth Ave and he restored priceless furniture. 

An example, he gave me a recounting of his New York Business project with Leona Helmsley, a very rich magnate who owned much real estate (The Queen Of Mean). She was always in the news during the 1980's especially when he contracted with her to restore some Fifteenth century renaissance furniture. I digress because he was such a special person at the Hospital with a magnificent story as well. Leona demanded he fix the furniture a certain way. 

He said, "Okay then you do it. I am going back to my shop to do other work."  

Leona said, "I am paying you a half a million to do it my way". 

AB said again, "I am the only one in the world who has old world skills of that of a Master, and only I can fix your furniture." 

Then Leona gave in and said, "Just fix it, make it 15th century new". That was his last job with Leona before coming to the hospital but he made it 15th century new.

His stay was the usual Gerson Therapy for his internal cancers in the stomach area. He stayed six weeks and went home to New York much better than he arrived to the Hospital. AB lined up his staff of people to administer the Gerson therapy at home. The last I heard from him is when I was going to school at the University of Montana. He called me at home and told me he was doing great and wanted to know when I could go to New York City and see him. He had an apartment open on Fifth Ave for my visit. I couldn't because of family and school, but I learned once again there is a cure for cancer.

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