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May 2, 2016 Is Melanoma Monday Post #6

The CBS Sunday Morning show today has reminded its viewers that tomorrow is "Melanoma Monday"

Stage IV Melanoma Episode 1

The initials assigned to my family member is HM representing the Health Minded people who fear conventional medicine but engages in every means possible within a natural scope for healing cancer. HM in fact worked at the same Hospital in Playas de Tijuana at CHIPSA Hospital. He had the same exposure to alternative cancer medicine as I did, and became very committed to alternative cures for degenerative diseases. In fact I often referred to him as a label reader. Every time I picked up something to eat or drink he took the wrapper label out my hands and read it analyzing how it would kill me if I ate it.

Episode 2 Part A Stage IV Melanoma

This was annoying habit of him, as he became more and more enthusiastic about alternative and natural cures during his time at the Hospital in 1994. I unfortunately succumb to a genetic condition of heart failures. My brothers, father, and grandfather all succumb to heart related diseases and died between the ages of 42-58. I am now the oldest living male member in over a century worth of family men. I have two sons who are conscience of the deadly risk. However, my 63 years of age is truly a remarkable miracle supplemented by GersonPlus information.

Episode 2 Part B Stage IV Melanoma

HM went the way I did, and went home to Montana at a later date than I did, as he was a country person living in a very populated world. He took it to heart, the main thing is the absorption of the Gerson Modalities for conquering degenerative disease. The one thing that was a critical flaw in his thinking was he wanted to do everything his way. When the internet exploded, HM became glued to everything internet as fact, and he began his own journey for seeking everything health via the internet. A worthy effort.

However, not everything is true or accurate found on the Internet. Even as I write today my hope is that you find this helpful, as I no longer rely on everything found on the Internet. At some point you need to rely only on the data and research found and offered on the Internet, but verify! Dr. Rogers has made his life a study on cancer from the focus on nutrition with its natural applications for fighting a myriad of diseases plaguing mankind.

This brings me to Melanoma Monday. I remember HM admonitions for eating anything with certain elements such as preservatives found in almost every off-the-shelf product. He only adjusted his life style by including the many things taught from his youth to be included in his diet. HM loved beef.

It was an integral part of his diet. A tragic family history began to unfold. His brothers began to die of cancer every so many years as he was a sibling of nine brothers and sisters. They loved beef too. Even though this is anecdotal information it points towards a need for further study on genetics and diet related to Cancer. 

Melanoma Cured Naturally

HM for thirty years began his own progress towards his final outcome. He wasn't much older than I was at the time of his death from Melanoma in 2015. Here is how that progressed. 

I went to visit him in 2013 and noticed a change in his demeanor. He had a mole removed from his neck that was analyzed as a Melanoma growth. Then came the lumps on his neck and back. By fall of 2014 HM began his journey seeking a natural remedy keeping his diet intact from childhood. He even modified that diet seeking only organic food. But he forgot his genetic family history where the men in family had a propensity for cancer, as I had found in my own circumstance, I had a propensity for fatal heart condition. The next blog will discuss a first person account on my heart condition and a GersonPlus modality.

The newly diagnosed Melanoma with HM, was kept quiet to the severity. I saw HM in October of 2014 during his sister’s funeral in Boise, ID. She died of stroke, was a smoker and heavy drinker. This became a deadly mixture for her. HM had visible bumps silhouetting through his shirt. He was strangely quiet with everyone at the funeral. It may have been his loss, but it seemed deeper than that at the time. 

HM was fast tracking towards his final day. He contacted a Naturopathic practitioner in Alaska via the internet. HM bought a salve and a regime from this practitioner for the treatment of his cancer. His problem came, though never being examined nor analyzed, he accepted a medically unknown salve therapy (poultice substance) for a deadly disease, which allows everything to rapidly spread. I know HM wasn't thinking lucidly when taking on a protocol from someone who didn't understand cancer only from a passing interest's point of view on the subject.

The next 90 days from October 2014 all things went downhill for HM. By January 2015, HM died from Melanoma spreading into his brain and throughout the body, as his bumps indicating this spread. It was a sad day personally for me, for a man who knew so much, but gave into his own cultural conditions and wants. The lesson learned from Melanoma Monday, is forsake your own behaviors and opinions and embrace what has been studied, analyzed, and practiced with immense success, because it fits like a key in its lock when understanding the causal sources of degenerative diseases and the appropriate therapy eliminating those causal sources.

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