Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Living Large On CoQ10 Part II #8

The 2nd part of this story comes from the interim years between heart attacks. Countless Cardio visits at the Doctor's office. Numerous "cath lab" procedures in the heart since 1994, and a frustrated cardio Doctor, who eventually gave up on me and went to Law School, even as I was laying in the hospital in a death spiral. 

Sounds sensational, but all true with records to prove it. He kept expecting me to die all along even after recording clean bypasses each time after the cath procedure. He couldn't figure out why I was doing as well as I was, because conventional medicine said, "I shouldn't be around having my family medical history, from my bypass and heart attacks.

2015 and full steam ahead.

I went to work on June 1, 2011 as usual and having a cold. I took "Aleve Cold and Sinus" around noontime. This was the long lasting type for up to 12 hours "relief". After it had only been a few hours since tacking the Aleve and after taking a mid afternoon walking break at about one o'clock P.M., I returned to my desk and organized the afternoon workload and then...  Nothing... existed until 17 days later when I woke up in a Hospital night mare.
The story unfolds as by the records. The ambulance came to my work. A co-worker who had just completed an "advance CPR training" gave me multiple shocks, and adrenaline in my office cube, as I lay sprawled on the floor. My place of work had all the equipment for this type of problem. The emergency team arrived and continued with me going to St. Luke's Hospital only five blocks away. They continued working on me feverishly for another two hours, longer than the normal time administered for a flat liner. 

However, they pronounced me dead at about 4 P.M. per Hospital report. The emergency team stopped working and were disconnecting the electrodes from me and stopped on the last few remaining electrodes when taking a break after being exhausted. 

During this time my wife came to my side as to say farewell. My co-workers came to the hospital with my two sons in the waiting area. My oldest son came from the emergency to the waiting room to tell everyone I was pronounced dead!

God had a miracle, he wasn't finished with me yet. Once my spouse grabbed my foot to see if I had my socks on in some kind of reflexive action of love, a beep came from the heart monitor. There was one emergency room Nurse cleaning up and she hit the alarm for the team to come back.

There was an erratic and slight heartbeat. Linda, my wife, stepped back and let go of my foot. The nurse yelled out, ”don't let go you have the miracle touch”, as the monitor flat lined again. The nurse again said, "Grab his feet you have the touch, and we can work with that”.

So Linda grabbed my feet once again and the bleep returned as it sent faint pulses from the electrode secured to my chest and then to the monitors. I had been declared dead for about eleven minutes when all this occurred. A miracle happened by God's grace. The nurse who was a seasoned ER caregiver, made the statement to everyone in the room, "Only once has this happened, where I was present and that was 22 years ago". A miracle did happen when Linda touched my feet, but it came from our creator.

God created the heavens and the earth. He created man in his own image. He gave man a way to overcome the diseases that plagues mankind. Only, if Doctors would stop taking a lead role by solving the degenerative diseases from their own tinkering's as conventional medicine uses poisons such as Chemo Therapy and Radiation and other drugs with harmful side effects. A better way remains, and it’s our creator's way, as science is now only proving.

"COQ10 - This vitamin has shown a strong anti-tumor effect in a breast cancer trial (Copenhagen, Denmark). Principal investigator Karl Folkers reports regression of liver and lung tumors in a current German trial."

CoQ10 continues in my daily regimen. My Cardiologist, during my heart attack in 2011, told my family three times I would be dead. After the third time he walked away from his profession and is now an Attorney at the same hospital where I had my resuscitation and recovery.

·      The first time he told my wife I was dead when I couldn't resuscitate.
·      The second time he told my Family my brain was swelling from the heart trauma and they were going to pack ice around my brain to save what they could and this would once again kill me. Two people died that day in the hospital using the same protocol during heart attacks. I was the third and I would die.
·      The third time, after mitigating the brain swelling, he insisted on doing a "cath" procedure in order to address any heart blockages. But I had an extremely high risk of dying as related by my family.    

All three conditions and procedures were acknowledged, they were considered a fatal exercise in the desperate attempt of saving a brain and a damaged heart patient. He kept telling my family I would die.

I ended the process having anoxic brain injury where they thought I would have a vegetative state of existence after no brain waves were detected during tests. They were wrong, and they didn't know why. I do because living with CoQ10 built up in my system and it had strengthen my organs to withstand the attacks and damage. I can only write today from having a working brain function every day as I remain committed to CoQ10.  

After the third step of having a "cath procedure", he discovered I had a blockage around the smallest of my four-way bypass, which the blockage was brought about with a constriction of the vein from using a decongestant. The same one I had taken for my cold an hour and a half before the heart attack. It triggered the whole event. Read the label on over the counter medications. The Aleve Cold and Sinus Box said, do not take if having a Heart condition or are on BP medications. Consult your Doctor first before using the medication. I didn’t read the box thoroughly and I should have because some medications are fatal under certain conditions.

The last conversation I had with my cardiologist was one of resignation, as he told my family I was his last patient and he was giving up his lucrative medical practice on June 17, 2011. I transferred to another care facility with new doctors, and on June 27, 2011, I went home taking my CoQ10. That was six years ago. When I too was left for dead.

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